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 "Selecting the right colour for your roof"

Congratulations! You have made the exciting decision to invest in a new Colorbond® Steel roof, but now you are faced with a pretty daunting choice – What COLOUR??!!! Your roof is one of the largest, most visible design elements of your home, so you want to get it right. A few important things you should consider when deciding on your new roof colour include the style and shape of your roof, your house style, surrounding environment and exterior wall colours.


Roof Style and Shape

It is important to consider the style, shape, size and prominence of your roof. A steep, gabled roof will feature far more prominently than a lower pitched or skillion roof.  Where your roof is a dominant feature and you don’t want the colour to overshadow the entire aesthetic, it is best to choose a mid-tone or neutral colour.  Having said that, a darker colour can also help reduce the apparent roof size if you want the roof to blend in more.


House Style

It is really important to consider the style of your home when choosing your roof colour.  Is your house modern, or perhaps more of a heritage style? Is it a beach style home? Or a traditional farm house? Colorbond’s® traditional colour range is a perfect match for the traditional, heritage style home. Classic CreamTM, Manor Red® and Cottage Green® are classic colours that are resistant to architectural ‘fashion’ trends.

Contemporary colours such as Surfmist®, Shale Grey®, Dune® or Evening Haze® are perfect for the modern home and can provide a coastal connection in a beach home. In a brick style home, identifying tone colours in the brick to match to your roof can create a strong link between them.

Beach house 


Surrounding Environment

All of the Colorbond® colours have been inspired by the colours of Australia, from the barren slopes of the central ranges, to coastal regions and the lush green countryside. With 22 designer colours in the Colorbond® range, there truly is a colour to complement or contrast with your surrounding environment.



Exterior Wall Colours

Obviously, it is critical to select a roof colour that connects with the rest of your house.  If it is a new build, or if you are repainting the exterior, you have added scope to make more dramatic changes.  With so many Colorbond® colours to select from, choosing the right colour isn’t too difficult. 


Neutral colours offer an incredible contrast to darker exterior wall colours. Light, crisp, clean and neutral tones can bring a roof to life and make it seem more expansive. Lighter colours are also popular when considering energy efficiency, given their high reflective values and thermal efficiency. Surfmist®, Shale GreyTM, Dune® or Evening Haze® are popular choices from the neutral colour palette. 


If you have a lighter coloured exterior, consider a darker coloured roof as a striking contrast. Darker colours such as Monument®, Basalt® and Ironstone® add depth, drama and are architecturally striking.  You can highlight architectural features by matching them to your roof colour, again contrasting with your exterior.  Consider choosing a colour for your fascia and gutters that compliments or matches your roof colour, as a contrasting colour can act like a frame around your house. Repeating the roof colour in as many as three areas such as a shed, garage door or fence triangulates the colour scheme, unifying and balancing the colour palette of your homes.



The Power of Colour

Of all the design elements, colour is the most powerful and personal. Colour can reflect your personality. Subtle. Bold. Cool. Warm. Subconsciously, colours can alter our perceptions, mood and emotions.  Hues and tints enhance our surroundings – complementing or contrasting. So, whether you prefer colours that are subtle or bold, light or dark, cool or warm, with 22 colours in the Colorbond® range, you can choose a roof colour that sets the theme for your whole home or complements your other building material choices.

 Colour wheel

The Look of Luxury

Choosing softer, more neutral colours adds a designer touch to the appearance of your home. The new COLORBOND® steel Matt finish allows you to make stylish and defining design choices for modern home exteriors. Choose from five of COLORBOND® steel’s neutral colours; Surfmist®, Shale Grey™, Dune®, Basalt®, and Monument® to make your design statement.

Colorbond matt 


Colorbond Visualiser

To help you visualise your new chosen colour scheme, Colorbond® Steel’s Online Colour Visualiser is the perfect tool!

Once you have made your selection using the Online Visualiser, you can save print and email the finished images.



We are here to help!!

Here at Ascent Building Solutions, our team has over 250 years’ combined experience in metal roofing and helping our customers select the right colour for their new roof.  We understand that a new roof is big investment, and we want to help you make the right choice. Contact us for colour samples, or to arrange an onsite measure and consultation.